Introduction to the Author of Wandering Intentions

First and foremost, an introduction to me…

Hi! my name is Erin. I was born and raised in the beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I am certainly lucky to live in such a wonderful place; one that I can hit the beach and the mountain in one day, have new hikes to accomplish every summer and be consistently awed by the natural beauty.

You may wonder, do I need to travel when I have so much to experience in my own backyard? The answer is Yes and will always be Yes!

Introduction to the author

Background Information

I am a Registered Nurse. I say “am a”, instead of simply “work as a” because I have found that being a nurse is a way of life and is part of my identity. In nursing school we were taught to be curious. Curious about people, what makes them who they are, what they believe, how they act. This perspective nicely compliments my passion for travel. Travel is not just seeing things – but is a state of curiosity, respect and if you are lucky, immersion into the culture, history, food, language and nature of a place.

I am unsure where my passion for travel came from. Perhaps it was simply in my genes. My mum backpacked Europe with a friend after high school. My dad sailed the world in the British Merchant Navy. I traveled with my parents and brother to England all throughout my childhood to visit family.

Perhaps it also lies with the fact that I am fascinated with history, particularly historical cultures, so much so that I nearly became an Anthropologist. Let’s be honest, the thought still crosses my mind now and again.

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Discovering Wanderlust

My first big trip was to Mexico – Cancun, with two of my guy friends. We stayed in the typical all-inclusive resort and we had a blast. After this trip, I knew that I wanted more out of vacation. I like to explore, learn something new. I like to meet local people, try to blend myself in as much as I can.

My next stop was Europe. A friend of mine convinced me to take a month long Art History tour in Italy with her, not that I needed convincing. We planned our trip around the course, which was fabulous by the way. Our trip lasted 3 months, stopping in 9 countries. We bought rail passes and backpacks. Slept on trains, benches, ferries, beaches and airport floors. We got lost, we drank, we learned “thank-you” in 6 or so languages. It was a whirlwind and it was amazing.

Once we were home, and tried to share our adventures with family and friends, we realized that there was so much more. We hardly “saw” anything at all. We both craved more. More travel, more culture. More food, more connection.

So here I am today, with a few more trips under my belt, but a desire to travel that burns greater than before.

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Starting Wandering Intentions

The point of this space, the idea and desire to create Wandering Intentions came about when I was planning a Belize vacation. Travel planning IS a hobby of mine. I often do not plan every single detail of a trip, but I do have an idea of what I want to see. Previously, because of limited vacation time, just “winging it” left me feeling like I saw and experienced less during my trip due to having to research in the moment. So I do some research prior to departure.

During my hours and hours of research, I found that personal blogs were always the most telling about a place, allowed me to find hidden gems and decide what best suited our travel styles. The blogs always inspired a renewed passion and excitement for my upcoming holidays.

This space will have tidbits from my travels, my favourite experiences photos – oh, yes I am a bit of a photography fanatic too – tips on planning trips, information about upcoming trips, favourite resources, and of course a bucket list.

I hope something on here inspires you to travel, consider places you haven’t before, or simply helps you plan your current adventure.

“I haven’t been everywhere, but its on my list” -Susan Sontag




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