My Future Wander-list Italy

My Future Wander-list Italy

Future Wander-list Italy

I have yet to write about my travels in Italy, even though I’ve been twice, and have spent about 6-7 weeks, cumulatively, in the country.  My first time there, we spent 2 weeks in Florence and 2 weeks in Rome studying art history, what better place! The second time I traveled to Positano, Florence, Siena, Rome, Venice and Lake Como, but did not spend much time in any one place. These were early days of travel for me, I mostly stuck with the tourist hot spots and thought that quantity was better than quality. It has been about 5 years since I’ve been to Italy, so I am not that confident on writing any travel tips; however I am very confident in writing about where I want to go next! Continue reading for my Future Wander-list Italy.

I’ve been thinking about Italy lately mostly because I watched “Under the Tuscan Sun” on Netflix not too long ago and it really reminded me of how lovely it is. Plus Italian food encompasses most of my favourites: pizza, pasta, cured meats, cheeses, gelato and wine.

 1. Amalfi Coast

Yes, I have been to the Amalfi Coast, Positano specifically, but I was not there long. There are so many hikes in the surrounding area, day trip possibilities, various grottos to explore and just so much beauty to soak in. The combination of sunshine, ocean and cliffs always get me; I think that is very likely my favourite landscape.

 2. Cinque Terre

Though these 5 towns are heavily touristed, I still want to visit at least once. Cinque Terre has been on my list since Kelsie and I set foot in Dublin. Why Dublin you ask – well we met some fellow travelers and they mentioned Cinque Terre as a must see in Italy. Neither of us had heard about it, so once we googled some photos, it was instantly added to our list. Sadly, of all the time I’ve spent in Italy, I was never able to make it out there. One day!

 3. Venice

There are many other cities in the world built on and around canal systems; however Venice just has the air of romance and fairytale that cannot be replicated. Perhaps it has been ingrained in our minds by pop-culture. I had a small, 2 day, taste of Venice a few years ago. Despite the crowds and inflate prices, I really want to go back and explore so more. Venice is the perfect place to wander and get lost. Aside from the physical uniqueness of Venice, the city’s history is also unique. Home to the Doge, known for sea travel and trade, and for Carnival.

 4. Tuscany

Can you believe that I have been to Tuscany, twice, but never went on a wine tour! Perhaps my priorities were different back then, but now a wine tour in this region is very high on my list. Along with a cooking class. Plus I don’t think that one can every get enough of the beautiful rolling landscapes and hilltop towns of Tuscany. Last time I was there was in August, next time I want to go late spring/early summer so that the landscapes are still green and lush.

 5. Pompeii

Being a history nerd, I really need to visit Pompeii. It is such a phenomenal and devastating occurrence all at the same time. Archaeology and Anthropology always marvel me so much when ancient artifacts, remains or cities are found. The circumstances and conditions have to be exactly perfect to lead to finds like these. Sadly, the more we excavate, the more we ruin the disturb the state of preservation, so I need to go soon!

 6. Rome & Florence

I’d be more than happy to visit both of these cities again, even if it was only a few days in each, just as a refresher. There is so much to see between art and architecture.

What is on your Wander-list Italy? Perhaps I should be adding it to mine! Comment below.

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