Bali Packing: 3 Weeks in July

Bali Packing: 3 Weeks in July

Bali Packing: 3 Weeks in July

I am leaving for Bali in 3 days and so excited! Since this is my first trip to an Asian country, in the peak of summer none the less, I did quite a bit of research. I wanted to know about dress codes, climate, safety (i.e. avoiding bug bites and sunburns) and what I should be buying in Bali instead of packing from home.

A quick note on the things I’ve learned so far for Bali packing:

  1. To enter temples, my shoulders and knees need to be covered – bring a scarf and/or sarong everywhere
  2. It is going to be HOT – lightweight, light coloured and breathable clothing – cotton & linen
  3. Lightweight long sleeves and long pants for the evenings – prevent those bug bites
  4. Cover ups and wide-brimmed hats for midday – prevent sunburns on this pale skin
  5. Can likely buy anything I want in Bali

I have decided to continue with the 6-5-4-3-2-1 packing guidelines, as it worked well for me packing for Spain. So here goes:

Bali Packing:

6 Shirts

White cotton crop tank

White cotton long sleeve blouse

Black tank

Tan tank

White & Blue striped t-shirt blouse

Lavender open-back t-shirt

Bali packing

5 Bottoms

denim shorts

black shorts

green maxi skirt

navy cotton joggers

burgundy harem pants

Bali packing

4 Shoes


Greek sandals

Casual brown leather sandals

Black slip-on flats

4 Dresses & Rompers

pale blue maxi tank dress

tan with blue polka dots t-shirt dress

black cotton romper

printed maxi dress

3 Swimsuits

high neck bikini

tropical print top & black bottom bikini

maroon top & stripped bottom bikini

3 Cover-Ups

cream sweater


printed kimono

2 Jackets

Denim – because this particular jacket has been everywhere with me

Khaki rain coat

1 Activewear Outfit

leggings, athletic tank, runners

1 of each Accessory




Day bag



Airplane Outfit

black leggings, white long sleeve top, jean jacket, scarf

Bali packing

*** Post-trip Update***

Now that I am back from my trip, I wanted to updated everyone about what went well and what did not.

  1. What I did not end up bringing: the blue and white stripped blouse, the navy joggers, the burgundy harem pants, the khaki jacket or the burgundy leggings (because I was already bringing black leggings), a hat or a sarong.
  2. What was right: I definitely needed all 3 swimsuits because I lived in them for half the trip, glad I cut out the shirt, the navy joggers and the jacket as I likely would not have worn them. Though it was hot, it was nice to have the kimonos to cover up and shield my skin from the sun during peak hours. It was also nice to have the scarf for a similar purpose to kimonos, I used it to cover my shoulders for the temples and on the plane as a blanket and pillow.
  3. What I would change: I would bring more dresses, specifically beach cover-ups if you are spending half your trip on the beach. It was so humid that shorts just clung to my body in uncomfortable ways, dresses breathe, so I didn’t wear my shorts that often, would only need 1 pair of shorts. Since I would cut down on shorts, I would cut down on shirts too.  I would have brought the burgundy harem pants – they are popular all over Bali and would have been great to just throw on, be comfy but still look cute. Would not recommend a denim jacket – too hot, perhaps a denim shirt instead. All in all, I should have packed fewer clothes.
  4. What I bought: a teal bathing suit bandeau top, a sea-foam green maxi dress, a navy jumpsuit, a basket purse, a long beaded necklace with a green tassel and a sarong.

To check out the other gear that I am bringing, click here.

To use my packing checklist, click here.

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